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B2B Social Media Advertising Google Facebook LinkedIn TwitterMarket News Hubb Newsletters
Average cost per click$1 - $2$1.72$2 - $5$0.38 As low as $0.005
Ease of useNot straightforward due to multiple options – CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA Not straightforward due to multiple options – CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA Yes. Clear and concise. Not straightforward due to multiple options. Yes, and simple too.
TargetingDepends on key word selection Great for B2C, impact of B2B questionable due to main target market not having a FB presence. If your key decision makers are not of FB then why advertise there?Yes, plus you can implement,blogs,posts, LI home page and link everything together.Yes and no. Can you filter down and really get to the key decision makers for your specific vertical – if they are not on Twitter, then no.If LinkedIn is possibly the best of the rest, then this is SUPERB. You reach out to only those people who represent your 100% target audience.
ROICan be brilliant, cost per lead can be high if you get the targeting wrong. Can be totally ineffectual in extremely competitive marketplaces. Questionable. This is the #1 method for B2B advertising and really works well with great ROI if the Ad is well thought out and is part of a recurring marketing strategy Yes, it works brilliantly for B2C and for some B2B industries it is perfect. Does it work for everyone and deliver a great cost per lead that then convert into business? Questionable. Yes. Totally cost effective, the right people who can buy your products and services are targeted. They read a industry specific newsletter delivered once a week featuring your Ads.
Understandable cost planYes and no. Multi options to choose from.Yes and no. Multi options to choose from.Yes. Two main options.Yes and no. Multiple options to choose from2 plans – Featured and Recommended


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